It is illegal to sell tobacco products to a person under 18.

It is illegal to purchase a tobacco product for use by a person under 18.

Product Prices Include All Taxes.

Glossary of Cigar Terms


Amarillo – A light yellow tobacco used as a wrapper, that is typically grown in shady conditions.
Amatista – A glass jar sold with 50 or 25 cigars sealed in it.


Band – The ring of paper wrapped around the closed head of a cigar. The band often displays the cigar maker’s logo.
Belicoso – A short, pyramid shaped cigar with a tapered head.
Binder – One of the three main components of a cigar. It’s the portion of tobacco leaf used to hold the blend of filler tobacco together.
Blend – The mixture of different tobaccos found in a cigar.
Boite Nature – A cedar box for packaging cigars.
Book Style – A cigar rolling method where the cigar maker lays the filler tobacco leaves on top of each other, and then rolls them up like a scroll.
BOTL – Brother Of The Leaf – A cigar smoking friend.
Box Pressed – A cigar that has been pressed into a box, leaving it with a square shape.
Bull’s Eye Piercer – A cutter that pierces a small hole in the head of the cigar for smoking.
Bunch – Up to four different types of filler tobacco blended to create the body of the cigar. The binder holds the bunch together.
Bundle – A group of 25 or 50 cigars wrapped in cellophane to save money on packaging.
Burros – Piles of fermenting cigar tobacco.


Cabinet Selection – Cigars that are packaged in a wooden box, rather than the standard cardboard cigar boxes. This is the preferred packaging if you’re buying cigars to age.
Candela – Or a double claro – A bright green shade of wrapper, created by a heat curing process.
Cap – A circular piece of wrapper leaf, which is placed at the head of the cigar.
Capa – A cigar’s wrapper.
Case – A slight moistening of aged tobacco so it will be easy for hand rollers to work with.
Catador – A professional cigar taster who determines a cigar’s qualities of taste, texture, and aroma.
Chaveta – The knife used in cigar production for cutting the wrapper leaf.
Churchill – A large cigar named for the personal favorite of Sir Winston Churchill.
Claro – The lightest shade of wrapper, which is a tan color, and is also sometimes referred to as a natural.
Colorado – A medium brown to brownish red shade of wrapper tobacco.
Corojos – Tobacco plants chosen to provide wrapper leaves.
Corona – The most popular size and shape for a premium cigars. A corona is straight sided, with an open foot and a closed, rounded head.
Culebra – A cigar made by braiding three Panetelas together.
Curing – The process of drying freshly harvested tobacco.


Diademas – A very large cigar with a closed and tapered head. Diademas are typically around eight inches long.
Double Claro – A greenish brown wrapper created from an immature tobacco leaf that was dried quickly.
Double Corona – A large cigar that is typically 7 1/2 to 8 inches long with a ring gauge between 49 and 52.
Draw – The flow of smoke from a cigar while taking a puff.


Entubar – A cigar rolling method in which the roller folds each individual filler leaf back on itself, and then bunches the leaves together. The method is intended to create a more even draw and burn.
Escaparates – Large coolers in which cigars are stored for a few weeks after they have been rolled.


Fermentation – The process where harvested tobacco leaves are gathered in large piles, moistened, and then allowed to ferment. Fermentation releases ammonia from the tobacco.
Figurado – Spanish term for cigars with unusual shapes and sizes, such as Belicosos, Torpedos, Pyramids, Perfectos and Culebras.
Filler – The individual tobaccos that are rolled together to create the body of the cigar.
Finish – The taste that lingers on your palate after taking a puff.
Flag – An extension of the wrapper leaf shaped to finish the head of a cigar. A flag is used in place of a cap. Flags are sometimes tied off in a pigtail.
Foot – The end of the cigar a smoker lights.


Gran Corona – A very large cigar that is typically 9 1/4 inches long, with a ring gauge of 47.
Gum – A vegetable based adhesive used to secure the head of the wrapper leaf around the finished bunch.


Habana – A cigar band designation indicating that a cigar is Cuban.
Half Wheel – A bundle of 50 cigars.
Hand – Tobacco leaves that have been tied together and hung after harvest.
Handmade – A cigar made entirely by hand, where machines are never involved in the process.
Hand Rolled – A cigar whose final rolling process is done by hand, but much of the work before this final step is mechanized.
Head – The closed end of the cigar that you smoke from.
Herf – A gathering of cigar enthusiasts to enjoy some smokes and friendship.
Homogenized Binder – Binder that is made from chopped tobacco leaves and cellulose.
Hot – Describes a cigar that has a quick, loose draw. A hot cigar can cause harsh flavors.
Humidor – A room or a box designed to promote the proper storage and aging of cigars by maintaining consistent and appropriate relative humidity and temperature levels.
Hygrometer – A gauge that measures relative humidity. A hygrometer is used to monitor humidor conditions.





Lance – A cutter used to pierce a small hole in the head of a cigar. A lance is also referred to as a piercer.
Ligero – One of the three basic types of filler tobacco.
Long Filler – Filler tobacco that runs the length of the body of the cigar.
Lonsdale – A cigar style that is typically 6 to 6 3/4 inches long, with a 42 to 44 ring gauge.


Machine Made – Cigars that are made entirely by machine, and are usually low in cost, and quality.
Maduro – A very rich, dark brown cigar. Maduro is thought of as the traditional color for Cuban cigars.



Oil – Over time, a cigar stored at the correct humidity level will secrete oil.
Oscuro – A black, very strong cigar.


Panetela – A long, thin cigar.
Parejos – Cigar shapes that don�t taper, such as coronas, panetelas and lonsdales.
Perfecto – A cigar shape that is closed at both ends, with a rounded head, and typically has a bulge in the middle.
Piercer – A cutter used to pierce a small hole in the head of a cigar. A piercer is also referred to as a lance.
Plug – A blockage in a cigar that prevents it from drawing properly.
Primings – The rows of leaves on a tobacco plant. The first priming is the one closest to the ground. Stronger tobacco is found in the higher primings.
Puro – A cigar blended with all tobaccos from a single country, including the fillers, binders, and wrapper.
Pyramid – A sharply tapered cigar with a wide, open foot and a narrow, closed head.



Ring Gauge – The measurement of the diameter of a cigar, represented by 64ths of an inch. A cigar with a ring gauge of 52 is 52/64 of an inch in diameter.
Robusto – A substantial, but short cigar. A robusto is typically 5 to 5 1/2 inches long, with a ring gauge of 50.
Rosado – A term used to describe the reddish tint of some Cuban seed wrappers.


Seco – A type of filler tobacco that is often use contribute aroma to a cigar.
Shade Grown – Wrapper leaves that have been grown under a cheesecloth tent.
Short Filler – Filler tobacco that consists of chopped scraps of leaf. Short filler is typically found in cigars produced by machines.
Shoulder – The area of a cigar where the cap meets the body.
Spanish Cedar – The preferred type of wood for making cigar boxes and humidors.
Spill – A thin strip of cedar used to light a cigar when using a lighting method that might alter the taste of your cigar.
Sun Grown – Tobacco grown in direct sunlight, creating a thicker leaf with thicker veins.


Tapado – A cheesecloth tent used for coultivating shade grown wrapper leaves.
Torcedores – A person who rolls cigars.
Torpedo – A cigar shape that features a closed foot, a pointed head, and a slight bulge in the middle.
Tubos – Cigars packed in individual wood, metal or glass tubes to keep them fresh.
Tunneling – The uneven burning of a cigar.



Vega – A tobacco plantation.
Vein – The rib of the tobacco leaf.
Vintage – The year in which a cigar’s tobacco was grown.
Viso – A glossy wrapper leaf.
Volado – A type of filler tobacco chosen for its burning qualities.


Wedge Cut – A V-shaped cut made in the closed end of a cigar for smoking.
Wrapper – Tobacco leaves that are grown specifically to be the outer wrap of the cigar. A good wrapper has more elasticity than regular tobacco leaves, and no visible veins. Wrapper colors vary by cultivation methods and maturing processes.




Product Prices Include All Taxes.

It is illegal to sell tobacco products to a person under 18.

It is illegal to purchase a tobacco product for use by a person under 18.
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